What We Do?

Do you waste your time on Excel and Access for your daily recurring works?

We can enable you to make your routine works faster and without any mistake by preparing macros on Excel and Access.

Do you need analysis and reports which may guide you through mass data?

We can convert your mass data to practical reports in Excel format with Excel functions and macros, and perform analysis that will help you to decide.

Do you need to see and report important indicators related to your work instantaneously and in cycles?

With the dashboard that we design in Excel, you can track and report important indicators related to your work and try different scenarios.

Do you want to learn how will Excel help with your work and solve your software needs?

We can provide consultation with Excel and tell you what you can do in Excel and what benefits it will provide to you in your work.

You do need software, but you don’t want to suffer substantial amount of license fees and a long implementation process?

We can prepare programs which completely suit you on Excel and Access. You never pay high license fee, and have an open coded program. When necessary, you can revise.

Do you sometimes require instant support about Excel?

We can provide live support for the problems you experience while using Excel and solve your problem in a short time.

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Excel Consulting

Let us explain you how Excel will support your works and which solutions we will provide you. You need to use the right tools for the right job. Excel / VBA may be the right solution for you. Before looking for complex and expensive solutions, research Excel. You will be surprised what this always-available software can do.

Excel Programming

Excel and VBA is used to automate your routine and recurring jobs, reduce human errors and make user-friendly interfaces. While Excel can be used as a flexible reporting and analyze tool with its own database, it also allows you to make fast reports and analysis by using your company’s main database. Applications which are developed by using VBA in Excel can be developed in a very short time and at low cost specialized for your business.

Excel Support

Microsoft Excel is a very popular program which is used by many users ranging from beginner level to expert level. We are here for you if you need support about Excel. When there is a problem that needs to be solved or subjects you want to learn about, we are here to offer you fast and efficient solutions.

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  • You can use Product Catalog and Offer Preparation Software to prepare offers and also send it to your customers as product catalog. You can see your products with their pictures and prepare
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  • The Offer Management System enables you to see your products with their pictures and prepare your offers easily. You can save and track the prepared offers as well as managing them. With
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  • Personel ve İzin Programı ile aktif çalışan ve işten ayrılmış personelin özlük ve izin bilgilerini takip edebilirsiniz. Program işe giriş tarihinden itibaren hakedilen yıllık ücretli izinleri hesaplar, kullanılan ve kalan izinleri gösterir.
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In 3 Steps
Working Process

Our work process begins when you send us an informative e-mail about the work that you need. We contact you in a couple of hours. We try to understand your need.

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Planning & Strategy

We offer likelihood, price and estimated deadline of the job for your consideration. We start working on the project after mutual agreement on all subjects has been reached.

Design & Develop

We send the Project at the beginning and after certain stages in order for you to test and revise it. We shape the project in line with the feedbacks from you.

Test & Deliver

After the project is completed as a result of final tests and you approve it, we request the payment. We provide free support for a month for any errors that might be encountered during live usage.