Our work is usually performed remotely. We contact you through e-mail, phone, skype or remote desktop connection, and talk about your needs in detail. When it is needed, after we agree on the project and down payment is made, we can go to the location of the customer as long as extra costs…

How I will make the payment?

  • Monday, 22 February 2016 13:15
Currently, the payments are made through PAYPAL.
You won’t make the full payment before the project is completed. However, we request our customers with whom we will work for the first time to make a down payment of 15%. For the long term projects, we may request the payment after certain stages of the project.
Generally, we determine the price according to work load of the project. In addition, factors such as the structure and deadline of the project can have a role. If you send us an e-mail summarizing your project, we can submit you an approximate price.