With our experience and expertise as a result of having worked with companies of different sizes in different sectors until today,
we show our individual and corporate customers what they can do using Excel and what it will provide for their business.
We provide consultation and implementation service about Microsoft Excel.

You can find detailed information about the subjects that we provide consultation and develop solution implementations in the sections below.

Excel Consulting

While Excel can be used as a flexible reporting and analyze tool with its own database, it also allows you to make fast reports and analysis by using your company’s main database. A well-designed application in Excel with VBA is both powerful and has the flexibility to meet changing requirements. Applications which are developed by using VBA in Excel can be developed in a very short time and at low cost specialized for your business. You need to use the right tools for the right job. Excel / VBA may be the right solution for you.

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Reports - Inquiries - Pivot tables

In Excel, we can draw data from different databases using SQL codes, process this data as we like and move them to our reports in Excel pages. In this way, we can perform detailed reports with the flexibility of Excel. In addition, Excel has a very powerful reporting feature such as pivot table. By using pivot table tool, we can do automatic data sorting, calculating, merging and total acquiring; and we can make reporting in another page with the revealed summarized information. At the same time, we can use other functions of Excel, decorate it with visual features, create pivot tables and report from a large amount of data.

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Excel and Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing refers to the situation where applications and services are located in a server on the Internet (cloud) and operation of these applications and services with any device connected to the Internet. we can only keep our data in the database on the Internet (cloud database) instead of keeping our files on the Internet. The cloud databases kept in servers on the Internet. We use cloud databases or web databases for usage Excel from distant locations.

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Excel IE Automation

Internet Explorer (IE) and other MS Office programmes (Outlook, Word) can be used interactively and controlled with Excel by using VBA codes. For example, this feature enables us to send e-mail automatically by Excel via Outlook or Gmail or to automatically use a site that can be opened with Internet Explorer. With such automation, we can extract the exchange rate from the Central Bank instantaneously and on date basis, enter the data in Excel in a web application where data is entered continuously or extract the product prices on an e-trade site.

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Excel Programming - Report Automation - Data Entry

Excel is a program that has many useful features. One of these features is that Excel can use different databases. We can draw data from databases such as MSSQL Server, Ms Access, Oracle, MySQL using SQL codes, process this data according to your needs, and create useful programs with visual interfaces in Excel.

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Excel Dashboards

Managers from all levels require criterion or key performance indicators that are on time, impeccable and fitting in order to work more efficiently, track their work better and make informed decisions. Dashboard shows the data sets collected from various sources or databases, information and connections that are obtained from processing this data in a single page as summary or graphic in order to allow you to make fast and easy decisions about your work.

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Modeling And Simulation

Examining a physical system such as an industrial facility or an establishment system by a trial and error method, breaking it down and re-designing can be extremely costly and long process. Instead of this, making calculations on a model which is a mathematical equivalent consisting of equations representing the behaviors of the system may make our jobs much easier. Thanks to models we can set up with mathematical methods, we can easily see the result by only changing parameters. We can try different scenarios and perform simulations.

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Data Mining and Forecasting

Data mining is the process where, based on the various data held in the database, we reveal information which wasn’t discovered before, and using them in the process of making decisions and realizing an action plan. We can give various examples for the purpose of implementing data mining on customers in the product and service sector. The important objectives in data mining are determining the most profitable market segments, choosing the most profitable customers, determining the acceptance level of product or service which is offered to customer in a new campaign.

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Data Management

Data quality is vital when determining whether the operations of companies are successful or not. Many big companies are investing millions of liras into management information system in order to improve their operations and make them more efficient. But no matter how excellent and expensive these systems are, the accuracy of their output completely depends on data it contains. We provide services about data cleansing, data merging, data enrichment and data mining, and we help you in making correct decisions by providing correct reports and analysis.

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