About Us

We provide consultation and implementation service about Microsoft Excel since 2006. With our experience and expertise as a result of having worked with companies of different sizes in different sectors until today, we show our individual and corporate customers what they can do using Excel and what it will provide for their business.

We render service on Excel Consulting, VBA (Macro) Programming in Excel, Reporting, Management Dashboards, Financial Modeling, Budget and Cost Simulations, Business Modeling, Mid and Long Term Forecasting and Data Mining.

The subjects that we provide consultation and develop solution implementations are as follows:

  • Excel Consulting
  • Excel and Access VBA (Macro) Programming
  • Excel Support
  • Reporting
  • Budget, Planning and Forecasting
  • Business Inteligence and Management Dashboards
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Getting Data From Web and IE (Internet Explorer) Automation
  • Data Mining and Forecasting
  • Data Management

  • Financial Modeling
  • Production Systems Modeling
  • Cost, Profit and Budget Simulations
  • Cost Calculation and Quotation
  • Report Automation with Complex Queries
  • Using Different Databases
  • Customized Excel Functions

We provide consultation and implementation service about Microsoft Excel!

You can get information about the services that we provide, or take a look at our current products.