Why use Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a program which is installed in most of business computers and used widely, and predominates the market. Microsoft Excel turns to be a powerful desktop program when combined with VBA programming language. Many companies has already purchased Excel, and the employees has been using and familiar with it.

Visual Basic for Application (VBA) is a programming language designed for use in Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, Word) programs. Return of the applications developed by using VBA programming language in Excel is very fast. Applications which are developed by using VBA in Excel can be developed in a very short time and at low cost specialized for your business. You don’t have to bear implementation period for the new software and pay license and support fee for the seller.

Excel and VBA is used to automate your routine and recurring jobs, reduce human errors and make user-friendly interfaces. While Excel can be used as a flexible reporting and analyze tool with its own database, it also allows you to make fast reports and analysis by using your company’s main database.

A well-designed application in Excel with VBA is both powerful and has the flexibility to meet changing requirements. you don’t have to employ a full time expert for the maintenance of the application. You can do many arrangements by yourself.

You need to use the right tools for the right job. Excel / VBA may be the right solution for you. Before looking for complex and expensive solutions, research Excel. You will be surprised what this always-available software can do.

What We Do?

As Excel Çözümleri; we render service on Excel Consulting, VBA (Macro) Programming in Excel, Reporting, Management Dashboards, Financial Modeling, Budget and Cost Simulations, Business Modeling, Mid and Long Term Forecasting and Data Mining. Below you will find several examples regarding what can be done with Excel:

  • Excel Consulting
  • Excel and Access VBA (Macro) Programming
  • Excel Support
  • Reporting
  • Budget, Planning and Forecasting
  • Business Inteligence and Management Dashboards
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Getting Data From Web and IE (Internet Explorer) Automation
  • Data Mining and Forecasting
  • Data Management

  • Financial Modeling
  • Production Systems Modeling
  • Cost, Profit and Budget Simulations
  • Cost Calculation and Quotation
  • Report Automation with Complex Queries
  • Using Different Databases
  • Customized Excel Functions

What Can Be Done in Excel?

These are not the only things can be done with Excel. Please send us an e-mail for further information. Let us explain you how Excel will support your works and which solutions we will provide you.

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