What is Cloud Computing?

It is a concept that we have been hearing about frequently in recent times. The word "cloud" is used often in the meaning of content available on the Internet. For this reason, it can sometimes have such usages as net-processing.

Cloud Computing refers to the situation where applications and services are located in a server on the Internet (cloud) and operation of these applications and services with any device connected to the Internet. With Cloud Computing, the office, picture editing and archiving, agenda and your personal files in your computer are transferred to a server on the Internet and you can access any of these programmes and work from anywhere with Internet connection.

We should mention the fact that Cloud Computing is not a new technology. You enter an Internet cloud when you connect to the fixed Internet from your computer or access the Internet from your mobile phones.

How is Cloud Computing Used?

We can use Cloud Computing both as file storage centre like our own hard disk and/or use the servers concerned as an operating system. In this way, we can run our files via the server on the Internet by entering the Internet cloud. As a third method, we can only keep our data in the database on the Internet (cloud database) instead of keeping our files on the Internet.

What is Cloud Database?

The cloud databases which we mentioned above as third usage, can be referred to as databases kept in servers on the Internet. It is usage of strong databases such as MS SQL Server and MySQL, which are also used on Internet sites, on the Internet platform.

Excel and Cloud Database

Problems sometimes occur when an Excel file is used by multiple users and simultaneously. Sharing of Excel files and opening them to multiple users cause frequent issues in cases of both intra-company network shares and shares on the Internet. Data losses or error warnings are encountered in the file that is opened and saved by multiple people at the same time.

As Excel Çözümleri, we use Access or MS SQL database within the company and cloud databases or web databases for usage from distant locations to overcome these problems. We keep not the Excel file but our raw data in the database on the Internet. In this way, we ensure that Excel users in different locations attain data by VBA codes, process this data on the background and use them in the desired manner and with Excel interface.

In this way, while solving the security and sharing problems that are caused by sharing our Excel file on the Internet, we also offer faster and more secure solutions by transferring only the raw data and putting less load on the Internet.