About Us

Excel Çözümleri has usage and sale right of all programs, works and projects which are prepared by us. A program which is sold to a customer shall only be used by that customer. The customer shall not have the right to sale and assign the program to others. However, if necessary, Excel Çözümleri shall have the right to sell the same program to others. In such case, Excel Çözümleri shall undertake not to disclose the information of the customers to others.

Excel Çözümleri shall not take responsibility in case of any pecuniary and intangible loss and damages that may arise from prepared programs and conducted projects in any manner. User shall be responsible for the pre-test which is conducted before the work is completed and for the troubles after it.

The estimated deadline given at the start of the projects is not binding. Excel Çözümleri tries to finish projects on time; however, it can’t be hold responsible materially and morally in case of a potential setback.

We recommend you to use Microsoft Office and other programs required for the operation of the prepared project with a license. Excel Çözümleri can’t be held responsible for liabilities that arise from unlicensed usages.